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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Crossfit Games WOD 7-5-08

I scaled one of the CrossFit Games workouts back slightly.

5 Rounds for time of

255lb Deadlifts 5 reps
10 Burpees


And the result...a beautiful CrossFit angel only Pukey could love:

Even Tilda looked whooped:

I really wanted to do this WOD as Rx'd.  As Rx'd was 275lbs for the Deadlift.  Last time I maxed (2 months ago on 5-5-08) I was at 305 lbs for my PR.  So 275 would have been 90% of my max 25 times and I'd be out of breath from the burpees.  Too tough for this cop.  A tougher man then me once said that a man has to know his limitations.  So I scaled it back to 255lbs which is 83% of my max.  Still a lot of work.  Those deadlifts were super tough, and I know I made the right decision to scale it back.  What a good workout.  I really enjoyed this one.  Really paid close attention to my form on the deadlifts cause I didn't want to get sloppy and round my back at all.  I was able to keep good form and kept strict form for all the exercises performed and was watched/judged closely by my brother Jake.  He held me to the strict crossfit games standards.  Great workout.

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