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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back Squat and 50 Burpees 7-26-08

Warmup:  50 Jumping Jacks, Snatch WU drills with dowel, 45lb squat x 5, 95lb squat x 5, 145lb squat x 3

Squat 160lbs x 21

Rested 12 min then did:

50 Burpees (touched target 12" above the top of my reach)


I'm going to try to work in heavy 20 rep low back squats into my programming on a regular basis.  I will try and do them once a week.  I'll add 5 lbs every week if possible.  If I'm not able to add 5 lbs and do 20 reps with it, then I'll add the 5lbs and do 12-15 reps and the next week step up the reps until I get to 20 reps and then I'll add 5 lbs the following week.  

I was real excited to squat today.  First time I've had any weight on my back in a squat since getting squatting pointers from Coaches Jeff and Dan at Brand X last week.  The changes to my squat from before: I kept my wrists straight, had the bar nice and low on my back, looked down instead of straight ahead, initiated the movement by dropping my butt back and down first before bending my knees, and used hip drive out of the bottom of the squat. I wouldn't say this felt easy by any means but I think I could have done a couple more reps if I really had to.  Felt it in my low back the most.  I think this is because I'm finally using the right hip drive out of the bottom of the squat.  

My cousin Jerrod did his 50 burpees tonight in 4:14.  Good job!  It really pushed me to work as hard as possible during the entire workout to try and beat him, but I came up just a hair short.  Man that was a full out sprint.  

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