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Sunday, July 27, 2008

2000 M Row 7-27-08

2000 M Row


I was trying to beat my cousin Jerrod's time of 7:35.  I set the pace boat at 1:53/500m pace so I'd finish in 7:32.  Lets just say that I was wishing the pace boat had a tow rope attached to it because with 800 M left to go I pooped out.  I had stayed slightly ahead of the nose of the pace boat for that first 1200 M.  But then I ran out of gas and couldn't hold the pace.  I kicked as hard as I could in the final 240 M and actually ended up closer to Jerrod's time then I thought I would.  Ended up at 7:38.7  Soo close, yet sooo very far away.  That destroyed me.  I wanted to do Fran today but didn't have a lot of time and wasn't in the right mental state to do Fran full out.  So I figured a 2000 M row would be better.  It wasn't.  I haven't rowed in waay too long.  That hurt big time.

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