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Monday, July 14, 2008

Lunges, GHD Sit-Ups/Extensions, Muscle-Ups 7-14-08

Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of:

Walking Lunge, 12 steps
15 Glute-Ham Sit-Ups
15 Hip Extensions
5 Muscle-Ups (Jumping)

12 rounds and 5 Lunges

I was happy to complete this with the Big Dawg time today.  I had to sub jumping muscle ups for standard muscle ups.  I did the Glut-Ham Sit-Ups and Hip Extensions on my huge tire by putting my feet on the inside on one side and hanging off the other side.  I wasn't able to go quite as far down as if I was doing them on a Glute Ham Developer as the tire is only 2 feet tall, but it was very tough nonetheless.  I really had to pour it on in the last two rounds in order to complete Round 12.  Luckily my brother Jake encouraged me by saying "Come on, just like Rocky".  I then pictured Rocky Balboa doing those situps in the barn in the middle of a frigid Russian winter and eye of the tiger started playing in my head.  That was just enough to pull me out of the fog of CrossFit induced death and push me onwards at a faster pace.


Dan said...

This one looked painful. I still owe you 2 CF games WOD's.

This week is trying for me because I have court every day on my days off.

Kate said...

That makes it tough. I'll workout for you on Thursday...I'm going to Brand X to workout! Woohoo, I'm excited!

Kate said...

Oh and by the way...that was me...Joe that left the last comment, not Kate. Apparently she was logged onto blogger and not me.