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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Grace 7-6-08

Grace (with Squat Cleans and Split Jerks)

30 Squat Clean and Split Jerk 135lbs for time of:


These need to be full squat clean and jerks where the hip goes below the knees.  I had no problem with that as every time I sunk very low when in the bottom of the squat and my hips were well below my knees.  This was my first time doing full squat clean and jerks with any kind of weight.  Really enjoyed them.  Went a little slower then I probably otherwise could of cause it was real hard not to get sloppy with my form with heavy weight.  Sloppy form and heavy weights in Olympics Lifting do not mix.  I was stoked to do the porch workout this time.  If I hadn't talked to my cousin Jerrod just before working out I would have done the pack workout with 115lbs.  I'm hoping I didn't make the workout too slow and sluggish and stayed within a reasonable time limit, and stayed within the intent of the workout.  Some workouts are definitely more metcon based and a lighter weight should be used so they don't take 20 min.  For this one though I wanted to get some heavy weight above my head and work hard on one of the best lifts on earth.  Either way it was a tough workout that I enjoyed.

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Dan said...

I'm sorry but I will have to beat your time... tomorrow :)