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Monday, May 4, 2009

Crossfit One World 1st Workout 5-4-09

So I went to Crossfit One World today for the very first time.  Actually its my first time in almost a year and a half of crossfitting of visiting any affiliate in the Bay Area.  What is wrong with me?  I guess I've enjoyed my garage gym a ton and through the incredible support of Brand X haven't felt a huge need.  But I've missed out on local community, being coached in person, and the intensity that comes with group workouts.  So I signed up and I'll start off by attending once a week on a drop in basis to feel things out and make sure its the right fit for me.  So far, so good!  The box has a good feel to it.  Clean, organized, and well equipped.  The staff I met were cool and knowledgeable.  It was fun to see some of them (Freddy, Will and Chong are the ones that stick out) compete this past weekend at the Nor Cal Qualifier and then meet them today.  Has a good sense of community as well, which is a huge reason why I'm looking to join a box.  All said it was good times.

Had a private lesson with Chong as a first in a 3 part foundations class.  Though I could have bypassed it because I have my Level 1 Cert, I decided to take advantage of the private coaching.  You can never master the basics enough, right?  I'm glad I did because I got a couple of key tips from Chong.  Need to shove my knees out a bit more at the bottom of the squat to help spread my pelvis and give a place for my torso to sink into which will help eliminate my 'butt wink' at the bottom of the squat.  That and keeping my core tighter will kill the butt wink.  Thought I knew that one, but knowing something and producing it every time in a dynamic movement are far from the same thing.  On my front squat I need to keep my upper back tighter which can be accomplished by a slight shrug or a full/high chest.  That'll keep my entire back tight and safe in the squat.  Important for preventing injury (like the midback tweak I got a couple weeks ago while front squatting...hmmm).  On pushups Chong gave me the idea of turning my hands out at an angle (~30-40 degrees).  This will help activate my lats which previously I wasn't doing.  My form was causing it to be a chest and tricep movement only, without any lats to help out.  That was a cool discovery as lats are larger muscles and I can see that having a big impact on my pushups.  Very cool!  After working our way through air squats, front squats, and overhead squats  it was time for a workout.   


AMRAP 20 Min:

5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

14 Rounds + 5 Pullups

Somehow this is the first time I've done Cindy as RX'd.  The pushups were definitely what slowed me up as at about round 7 I had to break it up into 5 sets of 2.  I really gotta improve on those suckers.  Either way though it still kicked my butt.  Nothing like having a trainer standing next to you watching your every move to keep you honest and driving hard.  Hopefully I've found a new home with One World in Union City.  


TexasPatrick said...


That's awesome. You guys really do have an excess of crossfit riches out there. I've been vaguely unsatisfied by my choice of affiliates. Ours are all new new new. Or they're like Cfit Plano where Troy always has something going on, but it doesn't seem like he always has his mind on business and it kind of shows.

JAK said...

Yeah I'm definitely spoiled living where I do. I have a lot of choices that are all super quality. Its taken me a year and a half to really tap into any of them though. I feel as though I've made good progress in my garage gym primarily because of Brand X and all of the resources that Crossfit makes available. Its pretty awesome the learning curve that guys like you and I and so many others have gone through at the beginning when we first drank the cool aide. And so much of that info was free on the website, free from the wonderful community of Brand X, or cost next to nothing in the journal.

metric said...

Those are some cool cues.
I'm so stealing the shrug during the front squat one, that collapsing midback thing is a big problem for me.

Sympathise with the push-ups during Cindy. They kill me every time, I'm trying the hand placement thingy too.

JAK said...

Yeah I thought they were some solid cues. I'm glad they could be of some help for you too.

Brendhan said...

Outstanding. I know that CFO (Oakland) always speaks highly of One World, and that says a lot to me. I met Freddy (briefly) this weekend-he seems like an amazingly positive and wise person to hang out and learn from, and I bet that permeates the place. Plus you get to look at Jolie, which is worth the price of admission right there.

Have a blast and please keep us posted. Watch that your times don't improve by 10-20% in a group setting.

JAK said...

Yeah Freddy seems like a great guy and a solid coach. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from him.

10-20% hmm? I sure wouldn't complain about that! Though I'd like to think I was working hard and often up to my limit up to this point, I know that hitting a wod in the environment like the qualifiers REALLY has to help your times and then in a class setting with a trainer watching is going to help loads too. We are talking about the mental realm here, where limits can be bent and broken through mental toughness and will power. I know I definitely can learn to push harder, like most everyone I suppose. Thats one of the main reasons why I finally chose to join an affiliate. To get 110% motivation out of yourself while you are alone in your garage, is a rough task day in and day out.