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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grace and 5k Row 5-12-09

1st day of the 2009 Crossfit One World Challenge  (WFS) 


30 Squat Clean and Jerk 135lbs

10:08 (PR)

Compare to 21:19 on 7-6-08 which was the first time I did this as RX'd.  Yikes that was slow.

20min rest

5,000m Row


Combined time of 30:50

I'm a bit disappointed in my Grace time.  I was hoping for 7-8 min.  I think I went out too quick as I had 15 reps at 3 min and change then just hit a wall, especially reps 20-30.  Failed on two reps one brain fart as I just didn't get under the bar after a weak pull and another brain fart where I did a power clean instead of a squat clean.  Definitely a different beast then Grace with Power Cleans.  Held the row at 2:05/500m pace.  Haven't rowed a 5k in over a year so wasn't sure what I could do.  Not a thrilling performance today, but it'll have to do.  Lowest combined time from all 3 workouts wins.  I was in somewhere about 11th place for the day from what I could tell, with a few heats left to go.  The competition will finish tomorrow with Helen.

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