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Friday, May 29, 2009

Shoulder Press and Snatch/Burpee 5-29-09

Cash In:  HSPU 3 x 5 .... Head touched to stacked 45lb and 35lb bumper and abmat ...  This is the first of a progression.  I'll try and work this in one to two times a week as a cash in or cash out.  I'll go up in reps over time and then I'll slowly lower the stack until I've got full ROM.  Linear progression in two formats (reps and ROM).  This wasn't very hard at all today.  I'm going to be very conservative by keeping it nice and gradual to really work on building a proper foundation of strength.  I don't want to jump ahead too quick which will cause me to hit a plateau sooner rather then later.  HSPU's are my most glaring weakness and will be vanquished eventually!

Shoulder Press

65 x 5
80 x 3
97.5 x 3
112.5 x 3
120 x 3 (PR)

2nd rep of 120 was super tough, and barely, barely eeked the final rep up.  I love making progress on one of my biggest weaknesses!  Noticing a theme of weaknesses here?

AMRAP 15 min:

5 Power Snatch 95lb
10 Burpees

2 Burpees short of 8 Rounds

Started the metcon fairly uninspired.  Finished strong.  Not bad.

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