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Monday, May 26, 2008


This addressed many weaknesses.

For time:
50 push ups
65lb Sumo-deadlift high-pull (SDHP) 35 reps
35 Ring Dips
35lb Weighted Pull-ups 20 reps
95lb push press (supposed to be hand stand pushups) 15 reps


The pushups and SDHP were ok.  But the pushups were a lot harder then they ever have been before.  I'm now doing all my pushups with very strict form, Brand X style all the way down to the floor with my stomach, chest, and face at the same time.  The ring dips sucked hard.  This was the first time I've attempted ring dips.  Bar dips are already a major weakness of mine.  Rings just straight up humbled me.  Had to do all of them assisted with my foot on the ground.  Only able to do a few of the pullups with full ROM and then jumped into them and did negatives.  Jumping with a barbell between your legs equals not easy.  When I attempted the handstand pushups (bridged to the rear), I just flopped onto my head, so I decided to sub in the push press instead of my usual handstand pushup variation of HSPU piked with my feet on a 5 foot bar.  What a disgrace.  Very humbling workout.  I am soooo not a gymnast and once again reminded of how far I have to go to attain any type of elite fitness level.


metric said...

Try the HSPU progressions on the BrandX site next time Axelbear.
The "Handstand Push Up Tutorial" is the one you want, even if it's a bit humbling seeing a 9 y.o beating you.

Even I can do the bridged version and they certainly worked to get Duncan doing them.

JAK said...

Thanks Metric,

I've seen that video and normally do a HSPU variation of my feet on a 5 ft bar. I just didn't explain it thoroughly enough. I edited it to explain better.

Jerrod said...

it's cool to see people from all parts commenting on your blog...

metric said...

I should have known that, sorry.

JAK said...

No need to apologize Metric. I appreciate the help!