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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blaster Fight!

Its Cinco De Mayo weekend, which means a very busy weekend at work.  Actually it wasn't bad at work last night due to Cinco De Mayo, but we are working mandatory overtime so I have no time to workout tonight and will have even less time tomorrow night. 

I did have my first full on fight at work since I've started doing Crossfit.  One on one versus a Blaster (a suspect high on PCP).  He was completely naked and totaled his car into a tree.  When I arrived on scene, he growled and charged at me.  He was then promptly tased, and continued to attempt to fight me.  I tased him a total of 8 times, and he just kept on fighting.  Somehow my baton ring unsnapped during the struggle and my baton fell off my belt and dropped almost perfectly into the suspect's hand.  I was able to immediately rip the baton out of his hand as he cocked it back to hit me with it.  My first backup unit arrived and after a few minutes of wrestling we were able to handcuff the suspect.  As more backup arrived the suspect continued to violently fight us even with the cuffs on.  My backup piled onto the suspect, and we had to hold him down and WRAP (a tool which is a bunch of straps that basically mummifies a suspect) him due to his aggressive resistance.  I did notice after about 9 minutes of holding him down that my teammates were breathing hard and I wasn't.  Thanks to Crossfit, I knew I had the gas in the tank to keep fighting, which is an encouraging thought when its you all alone against a Blaster who has incredible strength and feels no pain due to the dope coursing through his body.  Funny what you think of in the midst of something like that.  No Cops were hurt and the suspect ended up in jail.  Scratch it up as a win for the good guys.

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