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Monday, May 12, 2008

Fran 5-12-08

Fran as Rx'd


for time of:

95# Thrusters and pullups

in 9:30

Thrusters broken 1st round 15/6, 2nd round 6/5/4, 3rd round 4/3/2
Pullups broken: 1st round 15/5 2nd round 7/4/4, 3rd round 7/2

I really pushed hard through the entire workout.  Felt like the intensity level was real high throughout the whole thing, so I was happy with that. Last time I did Fran in 10:45, so I'm thrilled with my improvement.  Part of the reason my last Fran was a little slower then it could of been is I cleaned the weight off the floor for some reason the first two rounds, which were also broken, and I did 12 reps instead of 9 reps on the last round of thrusters and pullups.  So my improvement this time isn't quite as strong as it looks at first glance.  But I'm still pleased.  I tore a callus off on my ring finger....Doh!  I thought I had my calluses properly shaved down....I guess not.  

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