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Thursday, August 14, 2008

20 Rep Squats and Dips 8-13-08

Go Jonathan Horton!

20 Rep Squats 175lbs

Boy was this tough.  I mean I came real close to quitting on rep 17.  Luckily my workout partner Dan (Molan Labe) was there to push me through it.  I'm pretty sure I would have quite if he wasn't there.  But I didn't want to quit on him, so I kept going.  Very tough stuff.  My form got real ugly too as my knees came way in, not tracking over my feet.   I tried to correct it but just wasn't able to hold onto it as the set went on.  I did this too early in the week as the last time I did 20 Rep Squats was only 4 days ago instead of a full week ago.  I'm also wondering if doing the heavy Deadlifts yesterday caused  a tired low back which I was really feeling.  Oh well, I got it done, and will add 5 lbs next week.  

Then we did max ring dips for 5 minutes.  I'm embarrassed to post this, but I was only able to do 20 reps.  They were all full depth with full lockout at the top, as Dan didn't count 3 of them which I didn't get full lockout of my elbows at the top.  Wow this is such a weakness.

Then we worked on some lever progressions.  Which basically means we farted around on the rings and were reminded how studly those Olympians on gymnast rings really are.  Wow those guys are complete manimals.  So we hung upside down for a while as we attempted one legged levers and failed miserably.  So then we curled up into a ball and did levers like that.  If that sounds retarded, its because it was.  You've just gotta be a beast if you are going to do anything on Rings. 


Dan said...

Walking up my three flights of stairs was not the highlight of my evening.

I'm gunna be sore.

Dan said...

It has been confirmed. REALLY sore.

JAK said...

I love it. Nothing like a day of pistols followed by a day of heavy squats!