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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thrusters and Muscleups 8-17-08

Pack Version:

15 - 12 - 9
95lb Thruster
Seated Muscleups


Finished the first round of 15 Thrusters and seated muscleups in 2:40, but forgot to look at my watch after the round of 12 reps.  This WOD called for 135lb thrusters and full muscleups.  That definitely wasn't happening for this kid.  If you aren't familiar, see this VIDEO  about muscle up progressions, specifically what a seated muscleup is under the muscle up tutorial link.  I usually would do jumping muscleups as a sub for this workout, but decided to go with seated musleups instead.  This really worked the transition portion of the muscleup.  Almost did Karen (150 wallballs) instead because I did Fran two days ago, but decided to man up and do this one.  After all I want to improve my Fran time so what better way to do a Franesque workout?  I need to work Thrusters into my programming more often and this one looked fun.  It didn't disappoint.  

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