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Friday, August 8, 2008

Single Leg Squats 8-6-08

Single leg squats:

3 x 5

95, 115, 115 

I did single leg squats (aka Romanian Squats) on a 12 inch box for the first time with any kind of weight.  My cousin is a big fan of them as a supplement to the standard low back squat.  He learned them from his college strength coach Dave Williams who learned them from Angel Spassov who was a big time Bulgarian Strength coach before coming to the USA.  It seems to put less stress on your back and he has used it when recovering from a back injury.  It also works all the stabilizer muscles real well and a funny lil thing called balance.  Takes a little bit of getting used to but its not too bad.  You think you'd be able to do more then you actually can, which in my experience usually means its a good workout.

My cousin Jerrod single leg squatting 205lbs 3 sets of 5

Top position:

Bottom position:

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