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Friday, August 22, 2008

Deadlift and Academy PT 8-22-08

Today was my first day as an Academy PT Instructor.  I am stoked about it.  Thankfully our deparment is headed towards a complete CrossFit based Academy PT program. Which I am 100% behind of course. I worked out with the recruits and did:

5 min Jumprope
30 Pushups
30 Situps
3 min Jumprope
25 Pushups
25 Pushups
1 min Jumprope
20 Pushups
20 Pushups

But...there were two groups, the second group was doing PVC skill work on some of the basic lifts. So when they finished, I did the workout a second time. I opted out of the jumprope as there weren't enough to go around. After finishing the situps, we did airsquats until the slowest recruit in the academy finished so we could start the jumproping together. Always pounding the importance of teammwork at the Academy. So when the weaker ones are still struggling, the stronger recruits are suffering even more through extra work. Good motivation to push hard together as a team. I enjoyed working with the recruits on their form, and pushing them a bit.

Afterwards I did:


135 x 5

205 x 2

225 x 1

305 x 1

315 x 1

335 x 1

355 x 1

My last PR on the deadlfit was 365, but that was with a stupendously ugly and dangerously rounded back and with my shoulders rolled forward. Today I kept my form clean on every lift. So really this is my true PR.

I also on a whim tried to PR on the Shoulder Press.  I banged out 120lb and then squeezed out 125lb (+10lb PR).  That is a small baby step forward in a major area of weakness.


Dan said...

I wanna be an academy PT instructor.

JAK said...

Dude, you totally should be. You deserve it more then me. I am no beastie like you are. I was planning on talking to you about it.