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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lynne 8-26-08

Lynne (modified) at the PD...

5 Rounds of with 5 min rest in between rounds:

Max Pushups  53, 35, 26, 18, 21 = 153
Max Pullups   23, 23, 19, 16, 14 = 95

Total 248

My 1st round of Pullups I simply could not get in a good groove with my kipping pullups.  I really don't know why in the 5th round I actually improved from the 4th round with pushups.  I was maxing out on each round, but for some reason had a bit left in the tank on the 5th round.  I wasn't pleased with my overall performance.  Just didn't perform.  

Compare to 6 - 3 - 08 where my pushup total was 40 more then today!!  My pullups were 14 reps more then on June the third.  Wow.  I don't have an explanation for why my pushups were so much worse then almost 3 months ago.  Kinda depressing to be honest.  I'm hoping the difference is from doing strict full body to the ground at the bottom position and elbows fully locked out in the top position pushups, having done a bunch of pushups on Friday, and a work week of not so good sleep.   But I don't know, those may just be me grasping for straws and coming up with poor excuses.  I don't know.  I will just have to reapply myself that much more to continuing to grow and improve and strive for full intensity in each and every workout. 

Then did 1 min front plank with 90lbs on my back, and 30 sec side planks for both sides.

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Dan said...

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