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Monday, August 4, 2008

30 Muscleups 8-4-08

Still at my cousin Jerrod's house in Virginia.  

After lunch we went down to Liberty University (Jerrod's alma mater) to workout at one of their awesome athletic weight rooms. 

There are 16 squat racks and lifting platforms!!!

We had the whole joint to ourselves!  Whoohoo!

Had the pleasure of learning from a great man in the world of Strength and Conditioning.  Coach Dave Williams worked with the legendary football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, did a stint as the Texas A&M head Strength and Conditioning Coach, and was the head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Liberty University for years.  See a more complete bio HERE  What a huge source of knowledge!  He was kind enough to take the time out of his day to give me a complete breakdown of the Clean.  Wow was that a ton of info packed into 30 minutes.  I'm sure I've forgotten most of it already.  But I learned a bunch and now just need to practice it like a madman and maybe some of it will stick and eventually I'll start Cleaning some semblance of real weight.  I worked on my form for about an hour and worked in some shrug and high pull reps of varying weight.  
Coach Williams was also kind enough to give me for free my very own weight belt for doing
 weighted pullups and dips.  It was the first time I had ever met him.  What a generous guy!  
I brought my rings all the way from California so we could do some ring work.  My cousin doesn't have any rings.  I have a feeling that will change following my trip here.  He got his first muscle up on his fourth try ever, the other day.  Just before dinner we set up the rings and did the workout 30 Muscleups for time which we scaled down to the Pack version:  30 jumping muscleups, 30 pullups and 30 dips.  

HERE is a video of Jerrod's workout.

I did it in 12:10 and Jerrod did it in 8:10.  He beat me by 4 minutes due to my extreme lack of tricep strength.  The dips were definitely my limiting factor in this workout.  It wasn't that I was too winded to continue, just couldn't press out of the bottom of the dip and lock out my elbows if I went any faster. Had a number bad reps where I didn't lock out the elbows at the top of the dip which made me do that many more to make sure I got them again with clean form.  Yet another thing I really need to work on and improve in.

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