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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Broadjump Burpees for 200 Yards 8-3-08

Broadjump Burpees 200 Yards for time:


Took me 74 Broadjump Burpees.  Was thinking about doing 100 Broadjump Burpees for time, but decided to do it for 200 yards for time instead.  This was a better idea because if all you are doing is burpees for reps then you will tend to cheat on the hardest part which is the broadjump portion of the rep.  When you are doing it for a certain distance then you want to jump as far as possible so you can finish that much sooner.  This forces you to be honest and jump far with each jump.  Coming up with this explosive power out of the bottom of the squat when you are winded is tough stuff.  This workout laid me out.  My cousin unfortunately whooped me by doing it in 9:20 with 71 broadjump burpees.  Good work comrade. 

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