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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sandbagging It

Finally built a sandbag.  It was an easy process.  Followed this GUIDE

3 of the 4 50lb bags of sand I bought from Home Depot.  

On the left is a 50lb, center is a 25lb, far right 15lb, and in the front is a 10lb bag of sand.  I left convenient handles on top to pick them up with.

The bag filled with 100lbs.  I tied the handles to themselves so they would be out of the way.  Using them kind of defeats part of the purpose of these being great for building grip strength.

Ok, so I wasn't perfectly accurate at 100lbs, but then again I question how exact this scale is since about every other time I get a slightly different result.
These two items weigh almost the same exact thing, but will be very different to use.  Should be interesting.

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