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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deadlift and Boxjumps 12-29-08


255 x 5
285 x 3
315 x 1
335 x 1
355 x 1
375 (failed)
365 x 1

150 Boxjumps 20"


First time Josh has ever beat me in a workout.  He got 5:04.  Good job brother.  But I have to point out that I squatted heavy yesterday and deadlifted right before the box obviously that's the only reason he beat me, right? are doing great and making good progress.  I gotta keep working hard so you don't overtake me.

Tied my best deadlift while keeping a reasonably straight back.  I wasn't expecting too much with my single rep max because I haven't been PR'ing recently in the 5 and 3 rep range due to a reset caused by form.  Hopefully it will come after the next 6 week cycle of CFSB.  Attempted a HSPU against a wall but that soo wasn't going to happen.  Need to work some negatives into my cashouts.

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