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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Squat and Grace 12-21-08


185 x 20 (PR)  


30 Power Clean and Push Jerk 135lb 

6:33 (33 sec PR)

A vicious Anti-Gravity storm descended upon my gym today.  I believe it was caused by wearing for the first time my early Christmas gift, a pair of Adidas Ironwork II size 11's.  These puppies are snarky!  They will be replacing my partially chewed by a full grown German Shepherd white leather Dowins.  Much nicer quality, tighter more solid construction and far better looking.  Also the heel isn't as tall.  I really like them. Very pleased with my Grace PR.  Grace has to be one of my favorite WODs.  Killer WOD to do fast and keep good form while the heart is jackhammering and you are panting for breath.  Squats felt good except my low back really got hit hard.  Legs had plenty left in them to push heavier reps or more weight, it was just a matter of my low back getting worn out and tired and screaming as I was panting heavily in the last handful of reps. High rep heavy back squats are awesome!

HERE is the partial video of Grace.


TexasPatrick said...

Way to go. I love the high rep heavy squats too, but man, when I hit those last 5 or so I always question my own sanity. That has got to be one of most mentally difficult lifts out there.

JAK said...

Exactly! Thats why they are so great. A definite mental battle occurs. I was arguing with myself during the set about whether I was going to quit or not before I got to 20. That doesn't usually happen in a workout.