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Thursday, December 4, 2008

OHS/Pushup/Box Jump 12-3-08

Almost time to hit the slopes!!!

"You can either live your life like a lamb, or live your life like a lion. We have a choice in life". - Jean-Marc Boivin.. Extreme Skiier, Mountaineer, Paraglider, Parapenter (Photo of Boivin skiing the Matterhorn)

15 - 12 - 9

Overhead Squat 95lbs
Decline Pushup
36" Box Jump


I did the first round of OHS unbroken. 2nd Rd of OHS 6 and 6, 3rd Rd 6 and 3. When I thought up this workout, I planned on doing ring pushups. I did my first two in the first round and knew that I couldn't cut it for the whole workout. My shoulders were shot from the OHS. Also I think I'm still feeling the pushups from Cindy two days ago. So I quickly adjusted to Decline Pushups with my feet propped up two feet on my tractor tire. It was good to do some bigger box jumps again. Hadn't done them since I was at Brand X back in July. Need to keep working them into the programming.

Forgot to mention I got my Promaxima Squat stands in today. So now I have 2 squat stands (one is a squat rack), 2 Pendlay Bars, and 2 sets of bumpers...I'm ready to start having more races in the gym! Should be good fun to do WOD's side by side and try and beat the guy next to me.

I for one only want lions surrounding me in my gym. How have you been attacking your training? With a roar that shakes the very ground you walk, or with the pathetic bleating bahh of a little lamby? With teeth made for lazily munching some grass or with teeth ground sharp for tearing into flesh and crushing bone to dust? With the weakness of a helpless lamb, or with the strength of might that is a Lion?


JR said...

The Lion or the Lamb...I for one, my friend, like to eat lamb. Especially after a good squat workout and when i have some mint sauce, potatoes and green beans on the side.

That's a good one. Incorporating box jumps is a good idea, considering the ski trip is coming up soon. I need to start doing those ASAP. I do think this is a situation where you should have done dips instead of push ups. You just did push ups with cindy the other day. In fact, maybe you should have done dips then as well as a substitute. Just an idea, since i know you want to get better at them.

JAK said...

MMMM sounds yummy, almost as good as meatloaf. Wise words from a fellow Lion. Should have done dips! I'm thinking I should try and work them into my WODs at least once a week. I'm also doing that with Thrusters and the O-Lifts just because those excercises are soo stinking good for you.