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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Front Squat and Diane 12-18-08

Front Squat

135 x 5
155 x 5
170 x 5 (PR)

Diane (Porchish scaling)

15 - 12 - 9

225lb Deadlift
Hand Stand Pushup bridged to shins

4:52 (PR)

Did the first set of 15 deadlifts unbroken (PR).  

Porch scaling is barrier HSPU's or full HSPU's.  I did the HSPU 1st: 6/9, 2nd: 6/6 3rd: 9 Unbroken.  I tried to get as vertical as possible, but was a bit too on the horizontal plane.  Should have have done them on a higher box, or bridged to feet.  Would have been a little bit harder, but not that much and my time was pretty solid for the first time I've ever done Diane.  I need to get better at HSPU's.  Yet another exercise to continue working into my programming.  

Compare to Diane on 5-11-08 Pack version: 21-15-9 185lb Deads and bridged to feet: 4:58


Dan said...

HSPU's are tough... That's one thing I was never too good at. What am I talking about... I was never good at them at all!

JAK said...

You just need to focus on them a bit. Then you'll be the HSPU guru like you are with pistols! We started off both sucking at pistols. Then before I know it you are doing WOD's with a ton of crazy one legged stuff in it and here I am still unable to do one unassisted! I agree though, they are tough!